How To Prevent Back Pain When Sitting on Office Chair?

How To Prevent Back Pain When Sitting on Office Chair?

Back pain isn’t just confined to blue-collar workers with physically challenging jobs, but it can also happen to white-collar office workers. According to research, 33 percent of people experience back pain in 12 months. If you work in an office, you sit for a longer period of time, which can be painful on your spinal column and its surrounding tissues compressing your spinal cord. The back pain starts when the intervertebral discs of the spinal cord are packed tightly together for a more extended period of sitting. Below are some preventions mentioned.

Evaluate The Ergonomics of Your Office Chair:

You must use a high-quality and premium Ergonomic Office Chair that is produced in many Office Chair Yards worldwide and is easily available in the market. On average, an office worker sits for four to nine hours each day, and in a year, it is approximately 67 days of sitting. Ergonomics refers to that chair that is designed to meet the needs of a human worker. It can be a lower cushion for lumbar support, adjustable height, a five-point rolling caster system, and a supportive bottom. These essential features enable you to work easily and with more comfort.

Use Your Office Chair’s Armrests:

An armrest on the office chair is very necessary since it stabilizes your spine to be less susceptible to pain and injury. They do not only support your arms and elbows but also helps in keeping your spinal cord straighter. You can even check the difference while keeping your arms below for once and then resting it on the armrest. As your shoulder drops, the spinal cord compresses, so armrests are important as this reduces approximately 10% of your weight on the spinal column. So never neglect the use of an armrest in your office chair.

Wear The Right Shoes:

Keeping a uniform for the offices is not an ideal motivational thing for a company because a worker should be free to wear anything in a proper desirable manner. Many office workers have to wear a specific type of attire, such as formal suits. As a result, they neglect to choose comfortable and supportive shoes, and what they wear is entirely based on compliance with their company’s dress code. Shoes are essential as they support your feet and stabilizes your spinal column. With each step you take, your shoes will absorb some of the impacts. Just remember to choose shoes that are right for your feet; otherwise, they may also harm your back.